I’ve been lusting over these beautiful felt flower wreaths I’ve been seeing about. And you know what? They are SUPER easy to make! And no sewing needed!

So we have two options for the wreath:

*Wrapped Wreath

*Grapevine wreath

Both are beautiful, but the yarn wreath takes considerably longer since you have to wrap the wreath with the yarn.. It takes about 2-3 hours to wrap; I just put on a movie and wrapped away as I vegged!


  • 1/2 – 2 yards of felt, depending on how many flowers you want
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Grapevine Wreath OR Hay Wreath to make the Wrapped Wreath (found in the craft section under My Favorite Products)
  • 2 balls Yarn (or twine.. or whatever material you want to wrap) *This is obviously only needed if you are making a Wrapped Wreath
  • Scotch Guard, if you plan to put your wreath outside

*If you are making a Wrapped Wreath start at step 1; for the Grapevine Wreath, start at step two.*

1. Attach one end of your yarn to the wreath with a drop of hot glue. Once dried, begin wrapping… and wrapping… and wrapping the wreath until finished. Knot the end, then hot glue it down. Get creative! You could use a couple different colors to make stripes

Like this on from Alexandra Noel on Etsy.

or add another strand for an accent…

Like this from Heart Felt Yarn Wreaths on Etsy.


2. Now for the flowers!! Cut a big circle out of your felt. Now cut a spiral out of it, as seen below.

3. Roll up that spiral to form your beautiful flower!

4. Now glue the bottom, then press in the nub at the end of your spiral to be your base.

Ta-da! Make as many as you like of various size!

*To make the muti-colored flowers, use the technique above to make one small flower. Then using a bigger felt circle, cut the spiral, then wrap it around the smaller flower, glueing the end.

5. Now put your florist hat on! Figure out how you’d like to arrange them; I start with the biggest flowers then place the smaller ones around them. If you are making a Wrapped Wreath, and you used a hay wreath, you can just discretely pin the flowers in place and be done with it! This allows you to rearrange them as much as you like!

If you used a grapevine wreath, simple hot glue them in place!

6. To hang, you could use a wreath hanger or wrap a piece of twine, ribbon, etc around it and hang it on a hook!


This is a great house warming gift, and since it is so easy, you can make one for each season!