So I had a whole wall in my son’s room that needed some dressing up. My solution? Use some scrap fabric to create this super cute/fast banner! It took me about an hour or two and cost me not a single dime!

I’m going to give away the banner I made as an example! To enter, make a comment below; for two entries follow me by email or RSS– leave a comment indicating you’ve done so!


  • about 1/2 yard felt (depending on how many letters you are making)
  • scrap fabric for letters
  • chalk or other erasable writing utensil
  • pins
  • twine, ribbon, etc for the rope
  • iron

First cut your felt flaps; I made mine 6″ x 14″ each. You could cut them into triangles instead of rectangles for a different look.. (just fold it in half first, then cut the triangle flap).

Now, lay your flaps and scrap fabric out, figuring out the color order/pattern you want.


Next, take your scrap fabric and trace your letters (if you don’t like your handwriting, use stencils, or use Microsoft Word to print  block letters off, cut them out, and trace!) using your chalk.

For the end flaps, I chose to make a couple sweet, sleeping foxes. I cut out the same shapes for each; I simply arranged them differently to have one upright and one laying down. I used a black dye pen to draw on the eyes and nose (a sharpie would work too).

Now fold each flap in half and press with your iron. Pin a letter or picture on each flap (only pin it to one layer, not both). Use a zig-zag stitch to sew them down.

Now fold your flaps on your rope and pin them in place. Sew a couple of stitches back and forth over the center of the flap on the rope to hold them in place. I used clear thread, but any would work..

Now hang that banner!! I used little hooks, but be creative, you could use cabinet or door knobs….!

I’d love to see your finished banners!