What type of quilt is my favorite to make, you may ask…. baby! Children’s quilts allow for fun, whimsical designs and take a lot less time than grown-up quilts! ;)

Here are some of my favorites!

This one was super fun to make! It was a belated baby shower gift for some dear friends. I’ve remade this with the same color pallet as a t-rex! I’ve also made this in pinks and greens for a little girl who loves dinosaurs :)

This has been, by far, my most popular quilt. I’ve made it in a queen size; I’ve made it in shades of orange and pinks as well as pastels..

I made this for a client who was giving it as a baby shower gift from her roller derby team to a teammate! I love this whimsical, wavy quilting pattern.

I had a stock pile of these GORGEOUS purple batik fabrics that I was dying to use… then a good friend of mine who loves elephants got pregnant with her 4th girl! Perfect opportunity! This is one of my very favorites; I was drooling over the fabrics the whole time!


Here is a close up for you. I collage dozens of pieces of solid, print, and batik fabrics; this technique is called “raw edge applique”. Notice I also embroidered a purple border around the elephant for definition.

I use a technique called “raw edge applique” on all my quilts. It’s a relatively new quilting process that I much prefer to traditional quilting because it allows you to be really creative and it takes literally a small fraction of the time traditional quilts take! My book, 8 Hour Quilt, takes you through the whole process step-by-step, and will be out soon. Follow my blog for updates.

Other baby quilt images I currently have “on queue” are an octopus, a robot, and maybe a shark! I just need a baby shower or new adventurous client to have the excuse to make one!

Do you have any fun ideas for my next baby quilt?