So those of you who don’t live in central Texas may be already enjoying a lovely fall, but it has been 90 + degrees here in Austin!

BUT it’s approaching! I can feel it! It is a lovely, bleak day today. I love bleak days. They are such a novelty to us lucky Austinites with our perpetually sunny weather. It makes me want to don cozy knitted socks, grab some tea, wrap myself up, and read a melancholy book like Wuthering Heights.

Because of all of this tingly fall splendor, I am ecstatic about my new Wear Everywhere Shawls! Ever since I watched Sweet November (remember that super swoony drama with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron), I have been lusting over a particular accessory. Any scene where they would go out somewhere, she would wrap a scarf/shawl about her neck, then when they were at their destination, she would take off her coat and wrap that shawl around her shoulders. She looked so lovely and cozy and effortless.

So since then, I’ve been on the lookout for pieces that can act as both shawl and scarf. I have my fair share of pashminas, and this has done some good to temper this craving, but I wanted something even more cozy.

So one morning, while I was listening to Brandi Carlile in the shower (she is a huge source of inspiration for me), the muse struck me! “Shannon, you sew. Why the heck don’t you make your own long-longed-for scarf/shawl?!” Duh!

So here they are! Available at my shop along with lots of other things to keep you warm.