Kraken Quilt

This fellow was a lot of fun to make. I definitely want to make him again and play with the pattern a bit. Perhaps I’ll have him top-sizing a boat! He should probably look a bit more menacing, too, don’t you think? I’ll work on that. Here are some more details..

Kraken Quilt-3

I chose to do a stippling quilting pattern to create an eerie, underwater feel.  Kraken Quilt-1

The background is Timeless Treasure Sketch in mist. I LOVE their Sketch Basics; I love them for backgrounds (like here) as well as in my applique collages. I actually used this same fabric for the background of the quilt that appears on the cover of my upcoming book, Scrappy Bits Applique, and I also used another Sketch as the background of my Tamed Fox quilt (pattern in my book too). They work so well for my quilts because they provide a nice, interesting texture without being too busy. Love.

Kraken Quilt-2

This guy also shows up in the gallery portion of Scrappy Bits Applique!