Baby quilts are some of my favorite things to make. I know that fun, unique quilt patterns for boys can be hard to find, so here are my favorite Scrappy Applique quilt patterns for little boys! (All Scrappy Applique patterns come in multiple sizes, so while some of these examples might be smaller, they can all be made into crib or lap sized quilts!)

Oh Deer 

Chambray Oh Deer-6

Perfect for your little hunter or animal lover.

Lion Quilt

Comes in multiple sizes, including crib and lap.

Dryad Quilts-20

All patterns available in PDF and print options.


Dino Quilt

What little boy (or girl!) doesn’t love dinosaurs?

City Skyline 

Austin Skyline-6

Over 10 different city skylines to choose from! As well as instructions to make a wall hanging or crib/lap quilt.

Wandering Bear Quilt

Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-3

Here is the tutorial for the quick and easy background.

Robot Quilt!

Available in multiple sizes, including lap and crib.

Robot Lovers Tea Towel

I love these guys.

Tamed Fox

Pattern is in my book, Scrappy Bits Applique

Tamed Fox Quilt - Scrappy Bits Applique by Shannon Brinkley

Make him with or without the border.


Kraken Quilt

The mythical sea monster is too perfect for your little monster.

Phases of the Moon Quilt

Available in multiple sizes, including crib/lap. 

Dryad Quilts-12

For your little scientist.

Stormy Quilt

new quilt2

Pattern in my book, Scrappy Bits Applique


I’m always adding new patterns– are there any other images you think would be perfect for a little boy quilt?