I’m super in love with this recent baby quilt I made for a client. It’s called “Lochlan’s Universe” and is a combination of hand embroidery and appliqué. It is one of my favorite custom quilts I’ve made yet!
Lochlan's Universe-2

The constellations are all embroidered by hand in the quilt top. I used Haptic Lab’s star map pattern for this. Included are all the major constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. I love the idea of Lochlan sitting with his quilt in his lap, and using it to identify the constellations above him.

Lochlan's Universe-3

Lochlan's Universe-4

Lochlan's Universe-5

Lochlan's Universe-6

I made the mountain from a silhouette of Mt. Rainier (one of Lochlan’s parents’ favorite spots), creating the appliqué piece using my Scrappy Appliqué technique.

Lochlan's Universe-7

I decided to quilt it using a super simple back and forth meander– I didn’t want the quilting to take away from the embroidery.

Lochlan's Universe-8

Lochlan's Universe-9

I loved incorporating the embroidery in this project and have big plans for doing so more in the future!