Here is a little color palette inspiration for you! Green and magenta are opposite one another on the color wheel, making them complementary colors, so we know those will look good together. I added in some golds (since they are right by green on the color wheel) to make the palette more dynamic/interesting.

Fabric Color Palette Inspiration via

If you’ve been following these color posts, you’ve heard me talk about value and saturation a lot! They are magic dials that you can turn up or down to make ANY colors work together.

The trick, I think, to making two complementary colors (opposite one another on the color wheel) look nice together, and not too wild, is to vary the values (darkness/lightness) and saturation (brightness/dullness) of one or both the colors. Including some paler and duller greens helps this palette to not look too intense.

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Happy sewing!


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